21-10-2018   Loads of good news this time!

Floor finished her SJP competition season with a 3rd B diploma. She also took part in the Tolling Hunting Test in Begijnendijk 2 weeks ago, and got a 'Good' in Beginner Class. We are extremely proud of her, especially as she was the only Beginner dog to bring in 5 retrieves from the free search.

Floor's ECVO eyetest has also been renewed. Same as last year, she is 'clear' for all diseases. She also took part in another show yesterday and got her official breeding permission now. Because of that, we can now finally present our litterplans for next year.

Update work-, show- and healthresults Floor. Update planned litters

09-09-2018   Floor just keeps on going! She gained her second SJP-B hunting diploma yesterday.
03-09-2018   We had a successfull day at the Championship Show of the Dutch Tollerclub yesterday. Floor and Watson both got an Excellent, Floor became 2nd in Open Class and Watson was best in Show Working Class

Update showresults Floor and Watson, Awards

26-08-2018   Floor did 'very good' at show yesterday :-) !

Update results Floor + album

20-08-2018   Good news! Floor competed in a hunting test and gained her first SJP-B diploma! Lizzy also had a successfull agility competition recently.

Update working results Floor and Lizzy

05-08-2018   When updates are delayed it mostly means it's rather busy at Flaming Rockstars. In May, we visited Keiju and Watson's puppies and spent some very nice days in the southern part of Germany. Not only did we get to cuddle the 'next generation', but we also enjoyed reuniting with Ute who brought grandpa Gunner and Hina's half sister.

At the end of May, we took part in the Work&Show weekend organised by the BTC. At the show, Lizzy got her LOSH Breeding Approval by getting a 2 VG in Intermediate Class. Watson got a 1 EXC in Working Class. On Sunday, Watson competed in the Tolling Test and gained his last Excellent to move up to Open Class. Next to that, he was also awarded with the prize for best dog in Work-Show combination.

Considering next year's breeding plans, Floor took part in the Dogshow in Liege at the end of July and got a very nice 1 VG in Open Class.

As done every year, we spent our summer holidays in the UK. First stop was the Game Fair where Watson took part in the team representing Belgium in the Eurochallenge competition. Because of the heat it was not an easy job, but still we managed to get a 5th place in the ranking. Second stop during our trip were some training sessions with Allie Hogsbjerg in the beautifull Cotswolds area. We finished our trip by giving a 2-day training session to the 'Duck Dogs' Toller training group.

Update Awards, Results Watson, Floor and Lizzy, Litter statistics Watson and Mendel, Albums of Hina, Mendel, Piper, Watson and Floor have been updated

06-05-2018   2 Months have passed and many things have happened! On March 10th, Valborg gave birth to 7 puppies, and Keiju gave birth to 9 puppies on March 25th. Watson's brother Lee also became a father for the first time, so Hina got to call herself 'granny' 3 times in less than 1 month of time. All puppies are doing well and we look forward to seeing them grow up. Update litters Watson.

In the middle of March we gave a pretty cold trainingweekend 'Tolling' in Krefeld, and a rather 'wet' waterworkshop at our own training area last week. We enjoyed these days and the nice work we have seen.

On Easter Monday, Watson participated in the Tolling Test in Beuningen (NL) and gained a nice 'VG'. Lizzy and Floor also did some competition this spring. A nice agility result for Lizzy and a Clubdiploma C for Floor's gundog work.

04-03-2018   In the meantime, Keiju also had a positive ultrasound, so Watson will become a daddy twice this month! Both girls are doing fine and we are looking forward to the puppies being born. Unfortunately we received some less good news from Finland. One more puppy from the Watson x Pipsa litter was x-rayed and hips diagnosed with HD-D. Update litter statistics Watson.

New pictures have been added to Floor's and Lizzy's albums.

15-02-2018   Good news! Valborg is confirmed pregnant and puppies are expected mid March. The CDDY test results for Watson and Mendel also arrived. Both are N/N "wild type"! The photoalbums of Hina, Mendel, Watson and Piper have also been updated.
24-01-2018   A lot is about to happen in 2018. Watson's year started in a pretty good way as both Valborg and Keiju came into season and have visited us. Both matings went well and we truly enjoyed spending some time with their owners. We keep our fingers crossed for positive ultrasounds.

Update litters Watson

11-11-2017   In the meantime, a busy period had begun, so time for a quick update:

Mendel had his last session with the physiotherapist and it's amazing to see how well and quick he recovered! He's joining us in the field again, as if nothing happened at all. As a way of 'saying goodbye' to the competition scene, he competed in the TJP Championships together with Hina and Watson 2 weeks ago. Without needing to do much effort, he won his class and exchange trophee for the 3rd year in a row. Watson and Hina also won their classes.

Also some news in the 'kids' section. Namurr (Mendel x Enigma) has been doing great in Italy. At the national obedience championships, he finished 2nd in debutant's class! Floor and Lizzy visited the orthopedist for the x-rays of their hips and elbows last month and everything looked fine. In the meantime we received HD-B and ED 0/0 in our mailbox for both girls. This means we can slowly start making litterplans for 2019.

Update Awards. Update working results Mendel, Hina, Watson, Floor. Update statistics offspring Mendel and Watson. Update healthresults Floor and Lizzy.

17-09-2017   It has now been almost 2 months since Mendel's back surgery and it's a pleasure to see how well he's doing now! After a long and tough road, Mendel is enjoying the fact that his life is almost back to normal now. Soon the hunting season will at full power which is always a periode to look forward to.

We have done and given lots of training over the past few months so it was about time to update the 'training' page.

At the end of August, Hina, Watson and Floor competed in the Tolling Tests in Sint-Gillis-Waas. Unfortunately, without taking home great prizes. Floor passed her second SJP C-diploma with very nice points.

We received a very interesting mating request for Watson from Germany. Read more at our 'litters' page.

19-08-2017   Only good news this time :-) Floor and Lizzy went to the ophtalmologist for the first timer earlier this week and they both got a very nice, all clear eye examination. We will soon amek an appointment for their HD and ED x-rays.

New pictures have been added to the albums of Floor, Lizzy, Watson, Hina and Piper

14-08-2017   Some good news, and some bad news this time... Mendle had to undergo surgery in his back due to a herniated disc about 3 weeks ago. Luckily, he's doing fine and recovery is going as planned. We keep our fingers crossed that he will be back to normal soon. Pipsa and Watson's litter celebrated their 1st birthday last month. Unfortunately, one of the pups has been diagnosed with HD. The other littermates will be x-rayed later this year.

In the meantime, we have also been to the UK Game Fair. This year, it was Watson's turn to take part in the Eurochallenge teamcompetition. It's clear that Hina should not be worried about thinking about retirement. For the 4th year in a row, the Belgian Team managed to finish within the top-3 places.

Lizzy and Floor also competed in their first competitions. Lizzy gained her obedience diploma and Floor got her first SJP C-diploma. Well done girls!

Update statistics litters Watson, working results Watson, Lizzy and Floor, Update Awards

06-06-2017   The photo album of Floor has been updated! We competed in a Tolling Test last weekend with big success.

Update pictures Floor, Awards, Working results Hina, Mendel, Watson and Floor

16-05-2017   Mail from OFA! Mendel is also Clear for DEN! Update statistics litters Watson
14-05-2017   We received new pictures and a training video from Lizzy. Also positive messages from Floor as she's starting to prepare her first hunting competitions. We are still very thankfull to our 'fostermoms' Rita and Ines for giving us the opportunity to keep these 2 little ladies for our breeding program. More good news came in from Italy as the HD and ED results of 3 more puppies from the Mendel x Enigma litter arrived. Again HD-A and ED 0/0. In the meantime, Mendel's results for DM returned from OFA and he's 'Clear'.

Update pictures Lizzy, Video-page, statistics offspring Watson and Mendel, healthresults Mendel

07-05-2017   We are very sad as Darwin crossed the Rainbowbridge last week. No doubts that many beautifull things came into our lives because of him. And even though he's physically no longer here, he will never be gone.

Lizzy and Ines have also been busy. Lizzy passed the Social Test and has moved up to the training class that is preparing her for the national Obedience Diploma.

Update Our Dogs and results Lizzy, Video-page

23-04-2017   Guess what... Busy busy busy! Loads of news to mention, but let's start from the beginning! On March 20th, Popai and Watson became the parents of 2 boys. There was a huge difference in birth weight and we are very sad that the smallest puppy didn't make it... Luckily Popai and the little survivor are doing fine.

Floor (Mendel x Enigma) visited us at the end of March for a try-out Tolling Test and wow, that girl can run FAST :-) We are very happy with the work Rita and Floor showed us. At the end of March, we met some other puppies from the Mendel x Enigma litter when we visited Italy for a Tolling Seminar. It was a great opportunity for us to see Mendel's offspring and spread the 'Tolling virus' in Italy too. We truly enjoyed giving the seminar and got to see with our own eyes why breeder Chicco is always to positive about this litter.

In the meantime, the Finnish litter of Watson is growing up. Some of the puppies entered their first dogshow with great results!

Mendel and Hina celebrated their birthdays and are now already 8 and 9... Veterans, but still far away from retirement!

The new competition season has started for us as well. Watson competed in a Mock Trial and won the Novice class! We also had our first TJP last weekend and our red ones still know how to rock 8-) Watson got a 'Very Good' in Novice Class, Mendel a 'Very Good' in Open Class, and Hina an 'Excellent' in Veteran Class.

Watson and Mendel also passed the yearly eyecheck and will be 'rewarded' for that later this year ;-) But I can already tell you that Watson will have a date with a Norwegian beauty at the end of this year.

Told you we have been 'a bit' busy...

Update health info Watson and Mendel, update litters Watson, Update working results Hina, Mendel and Watson, Update statistics offspring Watson, Update Awards, and some new pictures have been added to several albums (in between all of this 'madness' I also started photography class...)

22-02-2017   We received very good news from Italy last week! Popai is pregnant and expecting her puppies at the end of March. Update litters Watson. I also added some new pictures of Lizzy and Floor to their albums.
05-02-2017   Update page 'Training'
03-02-2017   It has been a long time since previous update which mostly indicates that we are rather busy. We had a wonderfull hunting season with our dogs and have now started dummytraining again. We have loads of plans for 2017 and several trips abroad have been booked in our agenda as well. In the meantime Lizzy is growing up fast and enjoying a wonderfull life with Ines. Floor has also visited us for some training and we are looking forward to the first gundog competition Rita is planning with her this year. We also received good news from Italy. The first HD and ED results from the Mendel & Enigma litter are in and we couldn't be more happy with this HD-A and ED-0/0. Watson had a date with an Italian beauty a couple of weeks ago. We keep our fingers crossed for a positive ultrasound within 2 weeks.

Update litters Mendel, several pictures have been added to our dog's albums too.

08-11-2016   In the meantime, a lot has happened in only 6 weeks of time. We have spent a lot of days in the field already, enjoying some really nice work of our dogs! We also ended the last TJP's of this year in great success. You can read more about that at our 'Awards' page. And... with the help of some marvellous friends, Lizzy has also arrived in Belgium and is having a very happy life with her uncle Levis. The photobooks will also be updated shortly, so enjoy this update!
20-09-2016   Waauw! Our 2550km trip to Sweden was really worth it! Hina, Mendel and Watson competed in the TJP in Monsteras and we took 3x 1st prize!

Update working results Hina, Mendel and Watson, update pictures Floor

05-09-2016   We competed in the first TJP we have planned this fall and took some very nice prizes home! Update working results Hina, Mendel and Watson. Update Awards
29-08-2016   Little Lizzy has her own page now. She will move to Belgium in the end of October

Update Our Dogs

06-08-2016   There is a lot of news to report :-) First of all, Darwin's son Matti became Swedish Bloodtracking Champion! We also had a very busy week in the UK. At the Game Fair, Hina was part of the team representing Belgium at the Eurochallenge competition. Belgium did great (again) and finished on the 2nd place! We also gave some training to a group of English Tollers and attended a training day with Kevin Doughty with our dogs as well. We are also very happy to announce that we will be keeping a puppy from the Pipsa and Watson litter.

Update Awards, working results Hina, Litters, Training, Our Dogs

11-07-2016   In the meantime, a month has gone by and a lot has happened! The WT-season is finished now, and within couple of weeks Hina will be part of the Belgian Team competing at the UK Game Fair again. After the summer period, we also plan to enter some more TJP's. We were able to give a nice water workshop to a small group of Tollers at a very unique location, and we enjoyed last's week's kennel reunion a lot! This weekend, Watson's first offspring has been born, and tomorrow it has been 10 years since Darwin became father for the first time.

Update working results Hina, Mendel and Watson, Training, Awards, Litters

07-06-2016   New pictures have been added to Floor's photoalbum. Update working results Hina, Mendel, Watson and Matti (Darwin x Jill litter). And some more good news as Pipsa is confirmed 'very' pregnant! Watson's first litter will be born mid July in Finland. We still have not finished our search for a suitable family for a female puppy from this combination. So if you're looking for a nice puppy to start working with, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.
13-05-2016   Enjoy the new pictures in the albums. Update Training, Video, Links
11-05-2016   Little Floor is also growing up nicely. We receive nothing but very positive news from Mendel's Italian litter! She will soon add her own photoalbum to the website.

Update working results Hina and Watson, update Awards, update Litters

10-05-2016   Very little updates mostly means that we are... mmmh .... busy.... In the meantime, the competition season has started again and Watson already gained another 'Excellent' at TJP in Beginner class. Hina took part in the IWT again and we are entered for some more WT's next month. We also enjoyed some fabulous days in Germany where we were invited to give a training seminar. It has been an amazing experience for us to see the many good Tollers and handlers. Watson and Pipsa also had some dates during the last few days. If all goes as planned, Watson's first offspring will be born mid July in kennel 'Evessin' in Finland. We are looking for an active hostfamily with some working ambition for a female puppy from this litter. More updates will follow during the next days.
02-03-2016   Watson's testresults for DEN and DM arrived! Both Clear! Jippie!
26-01-2016   Last weekend, Piper entered his first FT and got a nice qualification! We are very proud of our little one, especially because of the honouring comments of the judges. Update working results Piper
15-01-2016   News... well, where should I begin! In the meantime, the hunting season is almost finished, which means that we have had a couple of very weeks. Again, we really enjoyed the many days we spent in the field with our dogs, the nice work they have shown and the many memorable moments they have given us. Last week, we visited the puppies of Enigma and Mendel in Italy, and we are very happy that little Floor will join our kennel.
01-12-2015   A week ago, Mendel became the proud father of 7 sweet little Italian puppies. Enigma is a dedicated mum and the puppies are going nicely! We are looking forward to seeing them soon.
21-10-2015   We are having a very busy time as we are moving into our new house. But we have some great news to share, so time for a quick update! Mendel, Hina and Watson competed in the BTC Tolling Championships and we took one 1st and two 2nd places home! Read more at our 'awards' page. We also got some awesome news from Italy! Enigma is confirmed pregnant :-) We are looking forward to Mendel's first offspring to be born at the end of November. We are still looking for a guest family so we can keep a puppy from this litter.
30-09-2015   Mendel and Enigma had a date last week, we cross our fingers for puppies at the end of November. New portrait pictures have been added to the albums of Watson and Mendel. Update Watson's page, he's now also available as studdog.
15-09-2015   Update showresults Mendel and Watson + Awards
06-9-2015   Update awards + working results Watson
28-08-2015   Update planned matings Mendel, most of the photoalbums have also been updated with new pictures
17-08-2015   We had a really busy weekend! On Saturday, we got up really early in the morning for this season's first hunting day. On Sunday, Watson, Mendel and Hina were entered for the TJP 'Summer Trophee" and took some really nice results home!

Update Awards, results Watson, Mendel and Hina

11-08-2015   Where were we.... Watson finished his first WT-season with 4 very nice contests! He passed all of them with nice points and even a ticket for the WT-finals that will be held in the beginning of September. Hina also made part of the team representing Belgium at the Eurochallenge competition at the CLA Game Fair. The Belgian colours were defended with pride and for the second year in a row, a beautifull top-3 rank for Belgium! We have 3 more TJP's on this year's planning and are counting the days untill the hunting season starts again at the end of this month.

Update awards, results Hina and Watson, health results Watson and Mendel

25-06-2015   Update working results Hina, Watson and Mendel. Some new pictures have been added to the photo albums and a new 'old' movie has been added as well. We are currently busy busy busy with competition and training, so not much time to spend behind the pc!
08-05-2015   Update Awards + gezondheidsresultaten Mendel and Watson
31-03-2015   A lot has happened in the meantime! The hunting season has finished and we already had our first competition of the year! So time for an update (awards, results Hina, Mendel and Watson). Some new pictures have also been added to the albums.
01-01-2015   As you can see, the lay-out has gotten a 'refreshment'. Because we are spending so many days hunting, we haven't had much time to update the website. But the hunting season will soon come to it's end and we are already looking forward to making plans for next year.
17-08-2014   After having a busy summer with lots of competition, we are trying to relax a bit before the hunting season begins. Update Awards, results Darwin, Hina, Mendel and Watson
13-07-2014   Update working results Mendel, Hina and Watson
09-06-2014   Update working results Mendel and Hina, update Awards
04-05-2014   It has only been 6 weeks since our last update and so many things have happened in the meantime! All results of the x-rays of the Hina-Gunner litter arrived. Liana has been doing more than great at agility competition and needs only 1 more leg to move up to grade 2. Maya managed to become Swedish Gametracking Champion in only 3 tests! Last week, the 'pups' celebrated their 2nd birthday. The puppies from Jill and Darwin's second litter celebrated their 3rd birthday at the end of March. Kate obtained some very nice results at Working Test in France and Matti has been at competition in Denmark with Mendel. Matti gained a '1st prize' in Beginner's class at the Tolling Test, and our Mendel got a '1st prize' again in Open class and is now qualified for 'Elite class'. Update working results Mendel, update Awards
25-03-2014   Update working results Watson, Hina and Mendel. Update Awards
12-02-2014   Update results Watson, update Awards
14-01-2014   Update healthresults Liana and Kate (Jill x Darwin litter)
11-12-2013   Update healthresults Moon (Laluna)
10-12-2013   Update heathresults Watson and Lee (Lightning)
08-12-2013   Marley's (Littlehina) healthresults arrived: HD-B1 and ED 0/0! Levis passed the entrance test for agility competition and Maya got a 1st prize in Obedience Class 2. Matti's (Jill x Darwin) results have also been updated.
06-12-2013   We are now in the middle of the hunting season, so it's time for another update! We have already had some wonderfull days in the field with Darwin, Hina, Mendel and Piper. In the meantime, we have also visited the veterinarian with 5 of Hina's puppies to take x-rays of the hips and elbows. Kate (Jill x Darwin litter) also joined us and we are expecting good results for all of them. We also received the first results of Hina's puppies abroad. Maya was tested HD-B and ED 0/0.
13-10-2013   Update working results Darwin, Hina, Mendel and Watson, Update Awards
29-09-2013   Update Awards
25-09-2013   Update health results Piper
17-09-2013   Update working results Piper, update Awards
11-08-2013   After our trip to the UK and Sweden, it is time for another update! Hina was part of the Belgian Team participating in the Eurochallenge competition at the CLA Game Fair. She worked really well and was also the only Toller in the whole competition. After that, we enjoyed a 2-weeks holiday in Sweden. Next to participating in the Tollerspecialty, we also made a trip to Motala to visit Darwin's grandchildren. Molly's (Qinsi-litter) puppies are now 5 weeks old and we are very happy that one of the males will be living in our neighbourhood within a couple of weeks. Molly's brother Hektor has also become a father for the first time. Update working results Hina and Mendel, update Awards
15-07-2013   Update working results Mendel + Hina, update Awards
27-05-2013   IUpdate Awards
10-05-2013   Update working results Mendel + Hina, update Awards
02-05-2013   Update Awards, showresults Mendel, new portrait pictures of Piper and Watson at work
14-04-2013   New pictures of Piper, Hina, Mendel and Watson at work
13-04-2013   Update showresults Mendel
08-04-2013   Update Awards + working results Mendel
31-03-2013   Update Awards + working results Watson + showresults Mendel
24-03-2013   Update Awards + training
11-03-2013   Update werkresultaten Darwin, Hina en Mendel, update Awards
20-01-2013   New portrait pictures of Hina, Mendel, Piper and Watson, update awards
11-11-2012   Update working results Mendel
07-11-2012   Last week, the puppies from the first Darwin x Jill litter celebrated their 3rd birthday, congratulations! New pictures of Darwin (portraits), Hina (At Work), Mendel (Portraits+At Work), Piper (Portraits+At Work) and Watson (Portraits+At Work)
19-10-2012   In the meantime, the hunting season has started which means that we spend more time in the field with our dogs than behind the computer ;-) Nevertheless, time for an update: Awards, working results Darwin, Hina and Mendel, Training
16-09-2012   Update showresults Watson + Awards
20-08-2012   Update Awards
03-08-2012   In the meantime, we are back home after a well deserved holiday. Our trip should have started at the CLA Game Fair in the UK again, but unfortunately the organisation had to cancel the entire event due to the very bad weather conditions... Because of that, we were able to leave for Sweden a little earlier and we got to unite the last puppy with her new owner. It was a great pleasure for us to meet some of our Swedish friends again and especially to see some puppies from Darwin's litter at Agildes! In Sälen, we met Zeta, Hektor, Molly and Moira and their owners who are active in training and competition for freestyle (doggydance), police work, gundog training and obedience. It was a pleasure to cuddle Darwin's grandchildren and of course we enjoyed the beautifull nature and did some training with our own dogs.

New pictures of Watson, Darwin, Hina, Mendel and Piper

17-07-2012   The pups of the Veltha-litter celebrated their 6th birthday earlier this week! Update Awards + new pictures of Watson
10-07-2012   Update working results Mendel + update awards
03-07-2012   The PRA-results of the puppies (finally) arrived! Update Awards: Darwin is celebrating his 8th birthday today!
01-07-2012   Our dogs: Watson
30-06-2012   New portrait pictures of Darwin, Mendel and Piper

Darwin's Swedish daughter Moira (Agildes-litter) has given birth to a beautifull litter. Congratulations!

New pictures and weights of the puppies

18-06-2012   New pictures of the puppies + update working results Mendel
14-06-2012   New pictures of the puppies
13-06-2012   New pictures and weights of the puppies
10-06-2012   New weights of the puppies + pictures 5th and 6th week. Due to cancellation, 1 girl is still looking for a sporty family. Update working results Mendel
02-06-2012   New pictures of the puppies
29-05-2012   New pictures and weights of the puppies
25-05-2012   New pictures of the puppies
20-05-2012   New pictures of the puppies
18-05-2012   New pictures of the puppies + new picture of Piper (album portraits)
15-05-2012   New pictures + weights of the puppies
13-05-2012   New pictures of the puppies, update working results Mendel + awards
10-05-2012   New pictures of the puppies
07-05-2012   New pictures of the puppies
05-05-2012   In the meantime, Hina and Gunner became the proud parents of 9 puppies! Please find more information and pictures by clicking 'litters'. Update Awards
15-04-2012   Update working results Mendel
03-04-2012   The ultrasound has shown that Hina is pregnant! This means that she's celebrating her fourth birthday today as a future 'mom'. Update results Mendel.
15-03-2012   It has been a long time since the last update, but we have had a rather busy time with our new family member Piper. In the meantime, Hina also came in season and has already been mated by Gunner. If all develops as planned, we are expecting puppies at the beginning of May.
15-01-2012   Hina has been to the ophtalmologist earlier this week.
27-11-2011   Yesterday, Darwin's son Hektor became Norwegian Showchampion! Update Awards
19-11-2011   Last week, we had to say goodbye to Chanel (Lindsay's first Toller) way too early and unexpected. Chanel and Darwin have been together from the very beginning and I'm sure Darwin will miss his little girlfriend and hunting-buddy a lot. New picture of Hina at Work.
10-11-2011   Update 'Awards'
01-11-2011   Update 'Awards'
30-10-2011   New pictures of Menndel and Hina: Portraits + at Work and Darwin Portraits, new results for Hektor (Agildes nest)
09-10-2011   Update working results Mendel, Hina and Darwin + Awards
25-09-2011   Update Awards
20-09-2011   Update Awards + new pictures of Mendel at Work
11-09-2011   Update workingresults Mendel and Hina, update Awards
29-08-2011   The Darwin x Qinsi litter celebrated their 2nd birthday last week!

Update results Mendel and Hektor (Qinsi litter)

07-08-2011   Update Litter + new pictures in following albums: Darwin / Hina / Mendel Portraits + At Play
25-07-2011   Update Awards + results Darwin

The Veltha-litter are celebrating their 5th birthday today! Congratulations to you all :-) The hip and elbow results of Turbo (Qinsi-litter arrived). And... Darwin's halfbrother Ramon did an amazing job on the Worlddogshow last weekend!! Update Awards.

We are happy to announce that Hina will be mated in Jan/Feb 2012. More information wil follow soon.

03-07-2011   Darwin is celebrating his 7th birthday today!!
26-06-2011   Huge congratulations to Tina and Hektor (Agildes Fast Like The Wind) for winning 2 CC's at the show in Oppdal (NO) last weekend!
18-06-2011   Update working results Darwin and Hina, update 'Awards'
14-06-2011   New pictures of Darwin at Play, Hina at Work, Portraits Hina, Mendel at Work and Portraits Mendel + update training
31-05-2011   3 puppies from the Darwin x Qinsi-litter passed the mental description. Update training + awards + results Hina
16-05-2011   New hip and elbowresults for the Darwin x Qinsi-litter + new pictures of Mendel at Work
15-05-2011   Update offspring Darwin
17-04-2011   Update working results Hina+Darwin, update Awards
16-04-2011   Update working results Hina
14-04-2011   The hip and elbow results of Inari and Kaiser (Enya-litter) arrived!
11-04-2011   The hip and elbow results of Molly (Agildes Ready Steady Go - Qinsi litter) arrived!
09-04-2011   Hina entered her first WT today and got a very nice result! Update results Hina + pictures of Hina at work.
29-03-2011   The HD and ED results of Enzo (Qinsi litter) arrived! Last weekend, Darwin became a daddy again :-) Jill The Mayflower Dancer Vom Lech-Toller Nest gave birth to 6 wonderfull puppies!
28-03-2011   New resuls for Z and Hektor (Qinsi litter)
16-03-2011   Mendel's HD and ED results arrived today!
15-03-2011   New portraits of Darwin
14-03-2011   New portraits of Hina and Mendel
09-03-2011   Update statistics of Darwin's offspring (HD and ED results Moira - Agildes-litter)
28-02-2011   Mendel and his littermates (litter Enya x Darwin) are celebrating their 2nd birthday today! In the meantime, the first puppies from this litter were x-rayed on hips and elbows with very positive expectations! We are looking forward to the official results!
24-02-2011   Good news today! Darwin will become a daddy again :-) Jill is pregnant, puppies are expected at the end of March
20-02-2011   New pictures of Hina at Work
16-02-2011   Update links + training
30-01-2011   Update results Mendel, litters Darwin + statistics
15-01-2011   Darwin and Hina have been to the ophtalmologist yesterday.
02-01-2011   First of all: a happy new year to you all! You can find some pictures of our holiday in following albums: Mendel Portraits, Hina at play, Mixed pictures
25-12-2010   New portrait pictures of Mendel, Hina and Darwin
18-12-2010   New pictures of Darwin at Play, Mendel Portraits and Hina Portraits. Update planned matings Darwin
14-11-2010   New pictures in following albums 'Portraits Hina', 'Portraits Mendel' and 'Mixed Pictures'
01-11-2010   Update 'Awards'
31-10-2010   Update showresultaten Hina + Awards
12-10-2010   Update 'training', new pictures of Mendel (Portraits + at Work) and Hina (Portraits)
03-10-2010   New portraits of Mendel and Hina
13-09-2010   New pictures of Mendel, Hina and mixed pictures
11-09-2010   Update showresults Darwin and Hina, workresults Mendel + Awards
29-08-2010   New portraits of Hina, update Awards
23-08-2010   New portait pictures in Mendel and Hina's albums
22-08-2010   Update results Hina


  Darwin's Swedish kids are celebrating their first birthday today! Congratulations!
01-08-2010   Update 'Training'
26-07-2010   Update working results Darwin + Awards
12-07-2010   Update Awards
11-07-2010   Update results Darwin and Hina
24-06-2010   Update 'awards'
06-06-2010   It's about time for another update :-) Last week we spent the most wonderful afternoon with the puppies from Enya's and Jill's litter! Because most of them live nearby, we organised a reunion called 'the Darwin Awards'! We had big fun doing some games and finished our day with a lovely BBQ. Loads of pictures can be found on following link. Hina and I entered a small training seminar yesterday. More information can be found on the page 'training'. There is one more training seminar coming up in June! And also some news from Darwin! As you might have noticed, Darwin's flyball activities and gundog competition have been reduced this spring. That's because I'm busy training Darwin for ... the CLA Game Fair this summer :-) Upate 'Awards'.
21-05-2010   Update working results Mendel
02-05-2010   New portrait pictures of Mendel
27-03-2010   New pictures of our dogs at work
21-03-2010   Update 'training'
15-03-2010   Update 'training'
14-03-2010   Mendel passed the 'Sociabilisatietest' today!
13-03-2010   Hina's hip and elbow results arrived! We can now continue on training and sporting as much as we want :-) New pictures of Hina
28-02-2010   Happy 1st birthday to Inari, Kaiser, Into, Iron, Icarus, Koodi and our Mendel! Update Awards and showresults Hina
16-02-2010   The Qinsi-Darwin puppies gained great results at show last weekend! Update 'Awards' + puppies own pages.
12-02-2010   New pictures of Mendel
06-02-2010   Update results Mendel
28-01-2010   Update Awards

The puppies of Jill and Darwin have gone to their new families and are doing great! We took some time off and went on holiday for a couple of days with the owners of Enya (Darwin's 2nd litter) and our 'gang' of 7 Tollers. You can find some new pictures on the following albums: portraits Darwin, Hina and Mendel. I also made a new button with group pictures.

Update Awards and Links

07-12-2009   New portraits of Mendel and Hina. New links
26-11-2009   It's about time for some news! The Jill-puppies are doing great! No white Darwin-legs this time but some black noses instead. They have very nice weighs and have developped into real miniature Tollers over the last couple of weeks. Darwin is now very busy with the new hunting season and he also passed another WT last weekend. Update working results Darwin.
02-11-2009   Darwin became a daddy again yesterday! Jill gave birth to 3 lovely boys and 3 gorgeous girls! Update awards + Jill-litter
22-10-2009   New pictures of pregnant Jill. Less than 2 weeks to go...
18-10-2009   Phew, what a busy weekend! Yesterday, we went hunting again and today our local dogschool had it's annual 'clubchampionship'. Mendel's brother and sister Inari and Kaiser were entered in the obedience junior-class and got 1st and 2nd place!!!! Congratulations :-) Mendel and Hina competed in the B-class and did great as well! Hina got 93/100 and Mendel even 94/100 with the 3rd place!
16-10-2009   The huntingseason has started again! Darwin did a great job yesterday and I also brought a fresh shot duck for a training with Mendel... and he retrieved it nicely! You can find some pictures at 'Mendel at work'.
15-10-2009   Update pages of the Qinsi and Jill litter
06-10-2009   Update results Mendel
04-10-2009   Update flyballresults Darwin
29-09-2009   Good news! Today we went to the vet with Jill and she's pregnant!!! In the beginning of November, Darwin will become a daddy again ;-)
27-09-2009   Update flyballresults Darwin
26-09-2009   New pictures of Mendel
21-09-2009   Update flyballresults Darwin
19-09-2009   Update showresults Darwin and Hina, update 'Awards'.
13-09-2009   Update showresults Darwin and Hina, update 'Awards'.

You can find some new pictures of the Qinsi x Darwin litter at Agildes website -> http://www.gildes.se

Darwin's flyballteam 'Freaky Bandit's' won the finale in division 3 at the competition today! Update Awards and flyballresults Darwin

03-09-2009   Jill moved to our place last week and she has already been mated by Darwin. We also got her CEA result last week and she's clear as well!

Update showresults Hina

In the meantime, Qinsi and Darwin's puppies are a few days old and all doing great :-)


Darwin and Qinsi became the proud parents of 7 puppies this morning! Update awards and Qinsi's page.

Darwin's new girlfriend Jill is also in season now!

New pictures of Mendel and Hina.

16-08-2009   New family pictures of the DarwinXEnya litter
12-08-2009   New pictures of Qinsi... Only 1 week to go!
07-08-2009   New pictures of pregnant Qinsi

I spent some very nice days with some of my working Tollerfriends during a seminar with Patsy Deheyder -> new button added: training

Update links and new pictures of Darwin at work, Hina at work and Portraits Mendel.

27-07-2009   Update flyballresults Darwin + awards
22-07-2009   Qinsi has been to the vet today and the ultrasound has shown that she's expecting puppies!!!! At the end of august, Darwin will be a proud daddy again :-) I couldn't wish for a nicer birthdaypresent!
20-07-2009   Update flyballresults Darwin + new pictures of Darwin, Hina and Mendel at work
12-07-2009   Darwin's 1st litter is celebrating their 3rd birthday today! Update flyballresults Darwin
03-07-2009   Darwin is celebrating his 5th birthday today!!

The little ones are growing up fast... Mendel has already started changing his teeth, the little goatlambs are getting horns and the baby chickens are getting feathers!

Darwin's new girlfriend visited us last week. See Darwin -> studdog

Update workingresults Darwin + Awards


Hina passed the Socialisationtest yesterday with maximum scores on all elements! Way to go girl! New pictures of Darwin at work taken during our training on Sundaymorning.

Darwin's son Ronan entered a show again this weekend and got 2nd Excellent!

20-06-2009   Darwin gained a very nice 77/100 in Novice Class at the WT in Anzegem today!! Well done boy!! New pictures of Darwin at Work + Movies
12-06-2009   Lots of good news this time! Our little dwarf goats are growing fast. You can find some new pictures in their album. In the meantime, we also got 7 adorable little baby chickens! So some new pictures in the Cochin-album as well. Darwin's son Ronan got 1st place at a Tollershow last weekend. Update 'awards'.
01-06-2009   New pictures of Mendel and our dwarf goats. Update flyballresults Darwin
24-05-2009   New pictures of Mendel and our new familymembers (links are on the front page)
13-05-2009   New pictures of Darwin (portraits) and Mendel

Update working results Darwin

Mendel has also joined our family last week!


New pictures of the EnyaXDarwin-litter.

The orange male will be moving to our home next week! Welcome Mendel!

13-04-2009   Last week we have been on a short holiday to Austria to visit our friends from Duckweed's and join the Sally Sanford-gundog training seminar. We had a good time with lovely weather! You can find some new pictures in following albums: Darwin & Hina at Work and Darwin & Hina Portraits.

Hina celebrated her first birthday earlier this week8

Darwin also visited his offspring at Enya's house. You can find some pictures on the DarwinXEnya page.

29-03-2009   New pictures of Hina in 'Portraits', 'At Work' and 'At Play'.
18-03-2009   Enya and Darwin's puppies have grown a lot during the last couple of weeks. Their eyes are now open and they start to 'walk' around and play with eachother. Loads of pictures can be found on Enya's website.

Enya's puppies are now almost 1 week old and doing great!

You can find pictures and a short movie on Enya's website: http://www.tollerenya.be

01-03-2009   Darwin became a daddy again yesterday! Enya gave birth to 6 boys and one girl. The puppies are pretty big and both mother and puppies are doing great! Darwin is a really proud father!
25-02-2009   Unfortunately, we got some bad news today... The ultrasound has shown that Jill is not pregnant so the litterplans will be delayed till autumn 2009.
24-02-2009   Today, we received the confirmation that Darwin's request for International Champion (with workingqualification) has been approved by the FCI!!!
22-02-2009   New picture of Darwin's fiancee Enya on the DarwinXEnya litterpage! Only one week to go before the puppies will be born!

Our first show of 2009 went perfectly! Darwin got 1EX CAC in working class and Hina entered Youth Class for the first time. She got 1EX JCAC and can now call herself 'Rheinlandjugendsieger'! Well done!!

Update results Darwin + Hina, Awards, portraits Darwin + Hina


Enya visited us today for a haircut and her belly is showing the first signs of a pregnancy! I can't wait for Darwin's first Belgian puppies to be born!

Yesterday, Darwin and I had our last practical hunt for this season. And I must say that I'm more than pleased with my little boy! Update 'awards'.

We also brought some extra game yesterday for a short training with Hina. She retrieved her first duck as it was just a piece of cake! New pictures of 'Hina at work'.

28-01-2009   New pictures of Darwin and Jill
22-01-2009   YES! We just returned from the vet with Enya and her owners and Enya is pregnant!!!!!!
18-01-2009   Update planned matings Darwin
09-01-2009   Some small changes in the lay out
08-01-2009   Only 2 weeks since the last update and so many things happened. Hina passed the A exam in Obedience with very good results and also came in season last week! It seems that my little girl is really growing up now... Enya has also been mated by Darwin and I'll cross my fingers for a positive ultrasound within a couple of weeks. You can find some new pictures of Hina at 'Portraits' and some pictures of DarwinXEnya at their own page.
22-12-2008   Update healthresults Darwin
21-12-2008   Darwin will become a daddy again in 2009!
14-12-2008   New pictures of Hina and Darwin at work + portraits Darwin
07-12-2008   Update results Darwin + Awards with some VERY GOOD news!!!
24-11-2008   Lots of good news this time! Hina's mom Caylee became a Champion last week and I also passed the final exam of the course about breeding I took with the KMSH!! You can also find some new pictures of Hina (Portraits) taken by her personal photographer (my girlfriend Lindsay)
09-11-2008   Update portraits Hina
18-10-2008   Update 'Awards', new flyballresults Darwin + a new page for our Cochins
03-10-2008   New flyballresults Darwin + Portraits Hina
22-09-2008   New flyballresults + pictures Darwin + pictures Hina at work
08-09-2008   New picture of Darwin's son Yvo
06-09-2008   New pictures of Darwin and Hina 'at work' + 'portraits'
24-08-2008   Update flyballresults Darwin + awards
23-08-2008   New pictures of Hina at 'portraits'
17-08-2008   Update showresults Hina + awards
08-08-2008   New pictures of Darwin at play and Portraits Hina
04-08-2008   New pictures of Darwin at play and Portraits Hina
02-08-2008   New flyballresult (+pictures Darwin at play) for Darwin
23-08-2008   New working results for Darwin
16-07-2008   Hina has been to the coast for the first time today! New pictures of Hina at portraits and Hina at play
14-07-2008   New flyballresults for Darwin, new flyballmovie and new pictures of Hina
14-06-2008   New lay out + Hina + lots of new pictures + results Darwin
25-05-2008   Update flyballresults, pictures of Darwin at play + portraits
05-05-2008   Update showresults

We have been to Austria last week for a hunting seminar with Sally Sanford (UK). As expected, we had a very nice time! It was good for Darwin to build up some more experience and interesting for me to understand Sally's view on gundog training. Darwin is also expecting a little sister soon...


Darwin finished his first WT from this season. You can find a small video of one of the test by clicking here (click 'Darwin'). New pictures of Darwin at 'portraits'

30-03-2008   Darwin became Luxemburg Champion today!!!
29-03-2008   New pictures of Darwin at work
18-02-2008   Jelle passed his practical exam for obedience instructor with 91.5/100 yesterday!!! And according to the judges, he was amongst the best candidates! New pictures of Darwin at 'portraits.
10-02-2008   We made a good start at the first flyballcontest of this season and became 2nd!! New pictures at 'portraits' and Darwin 'at work'
09-01-2008   We got some sad news from the KKUSH...It seems that the working qualification for Belgian Showchampion is insufficient for the International title so we will have to enter a Field Trial again. As I had a rather busy winter due to the renovation of my house, the FT will be planned for autumn 2008. In the meantime, I will enter Darwin for some WT again during the springtime and try to finish his showtitle in Luxemburg. If we have some time left, we would like to enter some hunting test and shows in The Netherlands too.
18-12-2007   New pictures at 'portraits'
17-12-2007   Update awards, showresults and portaits
11-12-2007   Update health results
28-10-2007   New pictures of Darwin at 'portraits'
21-10-2007   New pictures of Darwin at 'portraits'
09-10-2007   New pictures of Darwin at Play + results
06-10-2007   Added some new pictures
29-09-2007   Small changed to the lay-out
28-09-2007   New lay-out and results Darwin
07-09-2007   New pictures of Darwin @ play + portraits, update showresultats + awards: Darwin gained CAC in Luxemburg; update hunting and flyballresults. Update page abou Angie: new show and healt results
27-08-2007   New pictures of Darwin @ play

It seems that the 'Best in Show' winners keep on coming this year :-) After Darwin's son Yvo winning BIS in May, Darwin's mother also became BIS at a big Tollershow in Finland!! Update Awards

20-08-2007   Update pagine Darwin: ED results added
05-08-2007   Update resultats + pictures Darwin at Work
30-07-2007   New pictures of Darwin at work
23-07-2007   New pictuers of Darwin at work + portraits
18-07-2007   New portraits
12-07-2007   Update Awards
09-07-2007   New pictures of Darwin at play

What an exciting weekend we had!! Darwin's daughter Angie got a 1st Excellent at the show in Brussels and is now qualified for Crufts. The same day, Darwin competed in the last WT of this season and finished with 87/100!!

18-06-2007   New pictures of Darwin during gundog training
11-06-2007   Update showresults, pictures Darwin @ Work
04-06-2007   Update jachtresults, pictures Darwin @ work + portraits
29-05-2007   Update awards, results Angie, Toby, Belle en Yvo, hunting results Darwin + pictures
21-05-2007   Added lots of pictures
14-05-2007   Update hunting and flyballresults
07-05-2007   New pictures of Kodi and Yvo
23-04-2007   No competition this weekend, but we did have a nice weekend! Update pictures of Darwin at Work
16-04-2007   New pictures of Darwin's son Yvo
11-04-2007   Update showresults, new pictures of Darwin at play
31-03-2007   Update huntingresults + pictures of Darwin at work
28-03-2007   Update huntingresults + awards
18-03-2007   Update showresults + new pictures of Darwin's son Kodi
13-03-2007   New portraits, update hunting results Darwin

Darwin got BOB at the show in Hoogstraten!! His son Ronon got a 2nd place in puppyclass. Update results, Awards, portraits and Ronan's page.

19-02-2007   Small changes to the lay out. New picture of Ronan.
18-02-2007   New pictures added
12-02-2007   New portraits taken during our walk along the river Nete

No new pictures this time but we do need to anounce that Jelle passed his exam for obedienceinstructor with 97/100!!

Darwin's daughter Angie got a 'Very Promising' at the show in Eindhoven.

29-01-2007   New pictures of Darwin, update Links
23-01-2007   New pictures of Darwin's Belle
22-01-2007   Update pictures
18-01-2007   Update pictures, Darwin's working cert added to results
15-01-2007   Update pictures of Angie and Ronan
08-01-2007   Update Pictures
05-01-2007   Update page 'Darwin'
27-12-2006   New picture of Darwin's Belle
21-12-2006   New pictures of Darwin's puppies
19-12-2006   Small changes to the lay-out





At the Field Trial in Anzegem, Darwin gained his working qualification for Belgian Showchampion!!




At the show in Genk, Darwin won CAC-IB and became BOB!!




Update results, new buttons




Small changes to the layout



  Darwin went on practical hunt for the first time today!! He did a very great job and retrieved 8 ducks and 2 pheasants!! You can find some pictures at 'Darwin at work'



New website is online!!