Welcome to our website. 'We' are the Tollers Hina, Mendel and Watson, a English Cocker SpaniŽl called Piper, the dwarf goats in our garden and of course my girlfriend Lindsay and myself. We have our own place with a big garden in Booischot. As you could already guess, dogs have been part of our lives for almost 20 years. My parents always had Dobermanns, and are now accompanied with 6 Border Collies who are into flyball. Lindsay's parents are both into gundogs and own - next to Tollers - Goldens and a Springer SpaniŽl.

My Labrador Qessy was the first dog I ever trained with and she gave me my love for retrievers. She passed away peacefully in 2006 at the age of 14.5. I started with Qessy in the obedience program, flyball and also some gundogtraining. She was the perfect dog to me and I cherish many good memories about her.

I first met the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever more than 20 years ago and from that very moment I knew that a Toller would be my next dog. In 2004, I imported Darwin all the way from Finland. In the meantime, we kept a son of Darwin, and one of the puppies from Hina's litter also stayed with us. Next to the Tollers, we also have a Cocker SpaniŽl who assists us on our hunting days.

Darwin is the one with whom we put our first footsteps in everything that has now become our passion. He competed in many dogshows, Belgian and abroad, and won some very nice titles. Next to a flyball career, he's the one we entered our first hunting tests with. Today, we are still competing with our Tollers in various working tests and teamcompetition such as the Eurochallenge held at the CLA Game Fari and the IWT. Step by step, we also got to know the breed specific hunting tests for Tollers. 'Tolling' has really fascinated us and you can now find us at multiple cold game tests in Scandinavia. Next to competition, you can also find us in the hunting field, using our dogs for picking up duties.

 No matter if we are busy training, running competition, going for picking up during practical hunt, or simply making a long walk in the beautifull nature that the valley of the river Nete is offering us, we try to enjoy our dogs as much as possible!

Enjoy our website!


Jelle Huysmans

B-2221 Booischot

TEL: ++32(0)0479 90 34 65