Flaming Rockstars LordWatson


Pedigree - Results - Studdog

Call name Watson
Sex Male
Date of birth 01/05/2012
Registration LOSH1110511
Height 52.5 cm
Weight 20.5 kgs
Eyes Clear, except distichiasis 14/04/2017
PRA Pattern A
CEA Clear
ED 0/0
JADD Probable Normal
DEN Clear
DM Clear
Did you know ...

The American Biologist James Watson is the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA? He was also rewarded with a Nobel Price for this.

Watson is our youngest member of the pack and bred by myself. I wanted to keep a puppy from Hina, so she had an occasional litter. Watson's father is dog with meany qualities and a passionate worker. Watson will be looking ahead of a beautifull future over here. He has defeniately gotten many good characteristics from his parents and I have already enjoyed him a lot. He's a very loyal and focussed dog who is very keen on working. He has a strong nose and is getting more speedy each training. He has a good an natural grip on game.

My goal is - same as with our other dogs - to train and use him as a stable picking-up and competition dog.