Contrail Bruges


Pedigree - Results

Call name Piper
Sex Male
Date of birth 04/12/2011
Registration AP00369606
Height 40 cm
Weight 13 kgs
Eyes Clear 13/09/2013
PRA Clear
FN Clear
Did you know ...

that a bagpipe player is called a 'piper'? Bagpipes are a typically Scottish instrument, and we surely wanted to give our little Cocker a callname which referred to his Scottish roots.





On 5th February 2012 we welcomed our new family member: "Contrail Bruges", but friends may call him Piper. Piper is a working Cocker Spaniel, born in Clarebrand a small place in Castle Douglas, Scotland.

We met the working Cocker Spaniel at the CLA Game Fair in 2010. At that moment, the Spaniel world was new for us and even though we did not have the time to watch every demonstration, the Spaniels had certainly awoken our interest. When Darwin and I participated again in the Belgian Team at the Eurochallenge in 2011, we had a closer look at the English Spaniels. And one really caught our eye: the working Cocker! The dogs we met were quick, very good retrievers and did not seem to have difficulties with large dummies, jumping fences and swimming. When it comes to working in a passionate way, the little Spaniels seem to be a worthy competitor for our Retrievers! Their passion and energy to work is a pleasure to watch.

I believe that Spaniels make a good match with Retrievers, both at home and in the field. So we decided to add a Spaniel to our pack sooner or later. 

Due to the unexpected loss of Chanel, practical hunting was not the same anymore for Lindsay. She missed a dog to go beating with, and because of that we decided to look for a small working dog, with lots of will to please and perseverance.

I have lots of admiration for this fantastic breed which complements very nicely with or Tollers. When picking up our little Piper, we got loads of information regarding training. His breeder - Frances Brooks - gave us a speed course in practical training and demonstrated the different stages with several dogs. We also got to see some dogs working in the rabbit pen which was very interesting to see!

Pipers is Lindsay's training- and huntingfriend. After some basic training, Piper was introduced to practical hunting during the winter of 2012-2013 for the first time. He has shown to be a tireless dog who retrieves game very easily and does not fear cover. During spring/summer of 2013, Lindsay and Piper followed a gundog training course for Spaniels with resulted in the 'jachtgeschiktheidscertificaat' they obtained in Holland in September.