Pedigree - Results - Studdog

Call name Mendel
Sex Reu
Date of birth 28/02/2009
Registration LOSH1057654
Height 54 cm
Weight 23.5kgs
Eyes Clear 14/04/2017
PRA Pattern A
CEA Carrier
ED 0/0
JADD Probable Normal
DEN Clear
DM Clear
Did you know ...

that same as his father Darwin, Mendel is called after a scientist? The Austrian Gregor Mendel is know for 'Mendel's laws of inheritance.

Mendel is a son of Darwin. Next to his white sock, Mendel looks like his father in many ways, but combined with the energy of his mother Enya. He's bred by Erna Jacobs, a very good friend of us. From the time he was born, he was our favorite puppy and because of that, it was not unlikely that he would be staying with us. The puppytest was so promising that it would have been stupid not to keep him. Same as Darwin, Mendel is easy to train, stable and quiet at post. He's a good and passionate searcher and has a natural soft grip on game. Mendel has a very soft and gentle character and loves swimming, which  - no doubts - he inherited from his mother. And to say it in Mendel's words: a wet and dirty Mendel, is a happy Mendel.

Mendel is being trained by Lindsay and after puppytraining and a basic course of obedience, Mendel passed the national obedience diploma in 2010. From that time, he was officially 'graduated' and we fully concentrated on gundog training. In 2011, Mendel entered some basic tests with success! In 2012, Mendel finished his first WT season with great succes and a place in the WT Finals. To be able to enter the WT Finals, a dog needs to obtain a top 3 ranking, which Mendel obtained by winning a 2nd place. Mendel's WT career continues to be very promising in 2013 as well! He participated in Novice class for the first time and ended up with a 3rd place in the final ranking!

Furthermore, Lindsay and Mendel have been active in Tolling since 2011. Tolling is based on the original work of the Toller and Mendel obtained some very nice results  so far. In the meantime, Mendel is able to enter Open Class at the unofficial Tolling Tests organised by the BTC. In the official Scandinavian competition, Mendel is now also able to compete in the highest class. He qualified himself for Elite class by passing the minimum amount of tests required.

Next to competition, Mendel is also used as a picker up dog on ducks, partridges, hares and pheasants. It's a pleasure to have him as a hunting companion and he has proven to be a very good 'running-mate' for Hina.