Hunter's Moonlight Bluebell Gwendolyne


Pedigree - Results - Litters

Call name Hina
Sex Female
Date of birth 03/04/2008
Registration VDH DRC-T 08/0362
Height 51 cm
Weight 21.5 kgs
Eyes Clear 11/01/2012
PRA Pattern A
CEA Clear
ED 0/0


Did you know...

That Hina is the Hawaiian goddess of the moon?

Hina is the brood bitch of my kennel 'Flaming Rockstars'. On May 1st 2012, she gave birth to 9 puppies. All dogs are active in one ore more dogsports: hunting, tolling, agility and obedience.

Hina is bred by Ute Nagl from Augsburg, Germany and she's full of energy! She has a very happy and positive attitude and easily starts shaking her entire backside when she is in a good mood :-) We started with some obedience training but it's obvious that Hina likes gundogtraining more. She has a lot of waterpassion and works very fluently. On post, she's a quiet dog with a lot of focus and inner rest. She's a pleasure to work with and managed to gather an impressive list of results.

In the meantime, she's competing in the highest classes on Working Tests, the unofficial Tolling Tests organised by the BTC and the recognised Tolling Tests in Scandinavia. We have also taken part in some team competitions with succes!

Next to a competition dog, Hina is also a picker up dog on ducks, partridges, hares and pheasants. She has a very good nose, and has a strong talent to recover 'runners'. Several times, Hina has proven that she is a good follower for Darwin in the hunting field!

Hina has also entered some shows in Youth, Intermediate and open class and got some very nice results!