Fireheart Jelle's Darwin

Belgian Champion '07 - Luxemburg Champion '08 - International Champion CIB '09 - French Champion '10

Pedigree - Results - Studdog

Call name Darwin
Sex Male
Date of birth 03/07/2004
Registration FIN34982/04
Height 53.5 cm
Weight 24 kgs
Eyes Clear exl Distichiasis 14/01/2011
PRA Pattern A
CEA Clear
ED 0/0


Did you know ...

That Darwin is called after the British biologist Charles Darwin? Of course, everybody knows Darwin from his evolution theory which - together with Mendel's laws of inheritance - is the basis of today's biological knowledge.

Even though Darwin has now reached the age of an adult dog, he is still playfull as a puppy. He has a friendly and open character and loves people, children and other animals. He has lots of will to please and likes to play and retrieve very much.

Walking, swimming and training are his daily excercise and it's not easy to get him tired. In training, Darwin is a very stable dog and is always willing to work for me. Some Tollers are sometimes a bit stubborn, but this is defeniately not one of Darwin's characteristics.

In the meantime, Darwin has made a long career in gundog competition (WT). In 2007, we started in Initationclasse and managed to pass every test entered! This is a very unique situation, especially when knowing that Darwin is practically the only Toller competing over here in WT. In 2008, we moved on to Noviceclass, and again, Darwin did a very nice job. He still needed some more time and training, which resulted in some very nice tests in 2009. Go Darwin! In 2010, Darwin got a bit of a sabbat year and we mainly concentrated on our participation at the Game Fair. Darwin took part in the Belgian Team for the Eurochallenge competition and didn't seem to bother at all that there was so much noise, microphones and so many people watching. In 2011, Darwin competed in Openclass for the first time and he was defeniately ready. Same as in 2010, we also took part in the Belgian Team competing at the CLA Game Fair. Darwin showed some VERY nice work in the UK and managed to make the commentators speak about no other dog than that little red one from Belgium ;-)

During the winter, I also take Darwin multiple times on practical hunt as a picking-up dog (ducks, partridges and pheasants). Darwin is very keen on game and he still amazes me by being so focussed and silent at post and during work. And of course, I feel flattered too when I get compliments from the guns for training Darwin so well and for our efficient way of working together.

Next to gundogwork, Darwin also had a long career in the Flyballcompetition. This is mainly just to let Darwin have some fun, but his team 'Freaky Bandits' managed to win some prices as well from time to time.

After 4 nice titles, Darwin has now been retired from showing. Darwin competed at shows in Belgium, as well as abroad. He can now call himself Belgian, Luxemburg, International and French Champion. For 3 of these titels, Darwin had to - next to the showpoints - also pass a working qualification, so you can surely call him a 'dual purpose' Toller. There have been Tollers in Belgium for approximately 20 year, and Darwin is only the 4th Belgian Toller to become Belgian and International (CIB) Champion. We are very proud of Darwin having these exceptional titels!